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Spaces for Living

by Anastasia Motina


My name is Anastasia Motina.

I’m an artist. I would like to offer you my works for you open call.

My art isn`t constrained by just one theme. My any new painting or series of painting are dedicated to a different themes  and in general they are not related to a previous painting or series of painting . A main sources of inspiration for my art are a world history of art and a space around myself. Particularly, I get an inspiration from the idea of the human’s  communication with different environments.

In general a real perception , directs a theme of paintings , changes and transformates to a thought of the author reflected on a paint . Quoting and references to great works of other artists or inspiring ages are not the last part of my art. A process of research  of any great age creates a connection , a thin thread between past and and a future spaces and environments related to a human . This connection can be a serios dialog or a small talk.

In this way my work on projects is based on a living  impression and the theme it has developed.