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About Us

ArtLitMag is a youth-led visual arts and literary journal—we publish all forms of visual art along with optional complementary literary works by youth ages 13-26. We recognize that making art can require vast amounts of time, effort and commitment therefore ArtLitMag is a celebration of the creations of all our contributors.


ArtLitMag’s mission is simple: to inspire confidence in youth about their artwork. We aim to provide a platform for youth artists of all levels of experience to connect and share their artwork with a wider audience.


Ryan Lee
Ryan is an artist and avid food-eater from Hong Kong who recently moved to Canada. Ryan’s artwork has been awarded by the International Juried Art Competition; however he primarily focuses on creating art as a method of contributing to his community. He is the founder of CoArtist – a youth group that volunteers with different non-profit organizations and charities across Canada to provide graphic design services. His most recent project has involved designing the logo of a non-profit food organization. Ryan often finds himself scrolling through works of surrealist art to look for inspiration for his next project. Oh, and did we mention he loves food?

Gayathri Eyunni
Gayathri Eyunni is an artist who has been awarded for her work in visual art and various other creative art forms, including writing awards in numerous competitions in Hong Kong. She has also performed extensively in dance and music. Gayathri is also involved with creating illustrations and graphics for the social media accounts of several charities. The visual art themes that Gayathri particularly enjoys are personal expression, conflict and adversity, and humans-nature relationships.