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Serenity at dawn

by Abidoye Rofeek Oladimeji
Serenity at Dawn, acrylic on chipboard, 19×25 in, 2022
Rhythm of Joy I, charcoal on chipboard, 24×32 in, 2022
Rhythm of Joy II, charcoal on chipboard, 24×32 in, 2022


Abidoye Oladimeji is an Expressionist, he was born on 15th of August year 2000 in Lagos state Nigeria, he attended Oto Awori Senior Grammar School, he underwent training with Mr Obidairo Temitope between year 2018 to year 2021,to enhance his skills he participated in an apprenticeship program at the Neyotopsy Multipurpose Art Studio (NEMAS)

He is an Expressionist, a realistic and a multidisciplinary artist, he is currently pursuing a degree in Art education at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, he exhibited his work recently at the Young Visionaries Group Exhibition at Grace field island, his work explore human cloak particularly using portrait and figurative expression of men women and children to give hope, life and beauty to the society.


His work explores human cloak particularly; using portrait and figurative expression of men, women, and children to communicate their situations, achievement, environmental surroundings, emotions, e. t. c to the society, using varieties of colours, charcoal and other available materials to depict emotions, thought, expressions, e. t. c, that makes him understand the unique essence of life which is purpose fulfillment, life as we know is a concept govern by minutes, hours and days, every minutes he spend on empty canvas and paper, he create work that passes message through the window to our soul.

If a viewer can convey the message in his work he has fulfilled his purpose to give hope, life, and beauty to the society and it serves as a reminder that, the impossible only become possible the moment we believe it.