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by Ur Kasin


Ur Kasin (b.1998) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bucharest, Romania.

His search intertwines complex emotions with banal subjects in a conversation between disciplines, from digital collages to oil paintings, installations, and charcoal drawings.

Youthful in execution, yet thoughtful in concept, he deliberately allows tangible chaos to thrive through his carefully planned compositions, thus giving them their recognizable easiness, as well as an absurd richness of textures.

Dirt, space, cells, fur, food: absurd themes, that get even stranger when combined, get deified by Kasin, for their ‘truthfulness, and unmatched ability to carry any given emotion or secret’. This dynamic diversity, mixed with a vivid color palette and rendered using deliberate brushstrokes with loose palette knife movements shapes the foundation upon which his unique visual language is born.