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Retrieved Courage

by Bakare Olamide
Retrieved Courage
Her offspring
Taiwo and Kehinde, Mix media on paper, 2022, Nigeria
The yellow letter
Black Legacy
Black Legacy II, Mix Media on canvas, 2022, Nigeria
Ini I
Ini II


Drawings are not just papers or idols, but humans to Olamide. Her involvement in art started in 2015. Firstly, as a self-taught artist, before she undergoes art training.

Through the analysis of her works, she relentlessly attempts to unlock the beauty in figurative drawings, coupled with colors, using art as a simple representation of picturing the “lifestyle”.

Her desire is to address an old Africa in order to create a refined, revamped, rebirthed Africa lifestyle in the heart of the audience. She was born in Badagry, the ancient city in Lagos, Nigeria.


In my art, there is a clear picture of portraying the beauty of human figures in mixed media form on canvas. Some of its physical properties include the use of charcoal to create the figures in different appearances. The use of colours for the background contributes to the reflection and the mood of each figure.

The love of the African lifestyle is one of the things that motivated me, the hairstyles, skin, appearance, attires and so on. I’ve been influenced and inspired by a lot of professional artists in my surroundings and online research as well.

Music has been one of my drives towards creating those pieces. My work is not limited to any type of audience. My art speaks to the people beyond the art world, the need to embrace “lifestyle” irrespective of where you are from.

My works also explore the relationship between charcoal and colours. If we stop, look, listen and observe what happens around us, we would discover that there is beauty in history and exploration of human nature.

I draw inspiration from my environment, Nigeria, and Africa, as a whole.