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Realistic Depiction

by Mrinal Das


I was born in Assam (Guwahati) in 2002. I am pursuing BFA in government college of art and crafts, guwahati. I live and work in Assam.

I live in a village named Bhattapara. Our village is middle stage in the process of developing, improving and natural beauty. As a practitioner, I indulge in drawing and painting my thoughts, ideas and emotions using mixed media. I find it challenging to express myself through words so visuals are my way of communication. My subjects are my surroundings and my visuals area somewhat realistic depiction of life around myself.

On the other hand, I’m doing experiment to change my technique and the media along with using some other wastage as material. Nowadays, I love to experiment with new materials like cloth flex, pictogram, matchsticks, headlines of newspaper, some writing of letter, etc, which connect me with my ideas.