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Paper Period

by Dev Mehta


For Dev, every painting he paints is completely different from one another. He likes his paintings to be raw with imperfection in it. He sees imperfection in a painting as a stroke of genius. He comes up with very unusual ideas in his paintings with eclectic colour combinations.

From the start he has felt, he rather paint something which makes people think a million times, get different thoughts whenever they see the painting with multiple perspective and opinions.

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Art has come to Dev as a God’s gift.

Canvas, colours, brushes, knifes, painting tools – Art is a way of communication for an artist. The smell of the paint gives him a kick of making a painting. It is like an addiction.

His paintings and vision offer a perspective of a modern era of the future. He has used different mediums on different bases like white canvas, black canvas, jute and linen with unusual combinations. One can compare art with science because without experimenting
one won’t get the result.