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Over Time

by Jhuliana Cueva


Jhuliana Cueva or Jhuly Liz in the world of photography, is a self-taught Ecuadorian photographer dedicated to conceptual photography, landscape, portrait and fine art. Winning exhibitor at the ASIRI FEST festival (2019; 2020). Also exhibitor at the Teatro Nacional Benjamin Carrión Mora in the city of Loja, Ecuador (2020; 2022), exhibitor at the Teatro Bolivar in the same city (2022), individual exhibitor at the Alianza Francesa – Loja (2022), exhibitor at the photographic exhibition Diafragma 1. 2 – CIAF- Quito (2022), exhibitor selected for the 15th Semana da Fotografía de Caixas do Sul, Brazil (2022) and exhibitor at the 1st Postal Art Exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Conrad Meier, La Patagonia – Argentina (2022).

Her work is based on everyday life and social criticism with the aim of conveying in a succinct way, thoughts of contemporary life.

Currently dedicated to the field of freelance providing services of photography, editing, sale of works and exhibitions