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Parturition_Death Eaters

by Labros Kordolemis
Parturition, oil on canvas, 30×30,2023
Death Eaters, oil on canvas, 60×40, 2021


Labros Kordolemis was born 1 May of 1996. He’s a visual artist based in Athens, Greece. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts university from 2016 to 2022 in the 6th painting workshop. Alongside the workshop, he attended courses in video art, etching, and ceramics.

The main media he uses are painting with oils, ink, stop-motion animation, and collage.


Childhood and birth have always been the starting point in my artworks. I’m focusing in the formation process of an entity and the factors that operate liberating or repressive on it.

I am interested in mixing conservative – religious iconography with images that promote freedom of expression and the diversity of sexuality. Correspondingly, I am also interested in the coexistence of contrasting elements, such as human violence within a harmonious natural landscape, or nostalgia and trauma.

My characters are trying to define themselves within an environment full of threats (visible and not) . I focus on the relationship between the abuser and the victim, which even when it survives, is marked and reshaped. This condition functions as a realization of the general harsh reality, and it reveals unexpected aspects of a personality. Despite the wear and tear, analyzing these events can lead to healing and rebirth. The scenes take place between a dream world and an earthly world where the limits are confused. The dream world can represent the escape from the reality or to merge with it. They are two interrelated dimensions where everything can coexist, or the outcome can be nightmarish. I work mainly with oil colors, inks, stop-motion animation, and collages. Each medium leads me to capture different aspects of this world.