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Hope for Humanity and Freedom

by Alinnah Khvan
Hope for Humanity, 2022
It symbolizes innocent victims in Ukraine, stained with blood and deprived of freedom. Artificial daisies, metal mesh, acrylic paint, fishing line, nails, wooden frame, colored cardboard, plexiglass
Hope for Humanity
Hope for Humanity
Hope for Humanity
Freedom 1, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 60×70 cm The birds fly along their trajectory as they want, but they move in the same direction …
Freedom 2, acrylic, oil pastel, rope, cardboard, canvas, 60×70 cm
Is the bird free?
The painting “Freedom 2” differs from the first of this series, because it was painted after the “January tragedy” that occurred in my country and in my city- Almaty.
I know and understand very little about what is true and what is false in all this informational confusion, but I know it was scary and now, each of us has a different look at the concepts of freedom, good and evil, the struggle for “peace” (?)


Alina (Alinnah) Khvan is a contemporary artist and NFT creator from Kazakhstan, Almaty.

In different periods of her life, Alina finds inspiration in female strength, motherhood, philosophy, hidden feelings and emotions – sometimes good, sometimes difficult, but always real.