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Harmony in Stitches

by Rita Gaspar
A Stitched Symphony
Dwight Schrute
Michael Fassbender
Rita Gaspar
Rita Gaspar


Rita Gaspar, a Portuguese self-taught embroidery artist based in Porto – Portugal, was born in ’97.

Her academic background lies in applied mathematics with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lisbon, but surprisingly she doesn’t apply that in her art (for now).

During her first year of college, Rita discovered embroidery as a stress-relieving activity and became hooked. As the challenges of adult life persist, she continues to embrace embroidery both as a means to maintain her sanity and to nurture her creative instincts.


Rita aims to challenge the perception that embroidery is a simple craft reserved for grandmothers – something she heard quite a lot every time she mentioned she did embroidery. Also, she’s too young to be a grandmother.

Her artwork reflects a deep passion for portraiture and an enthusiasm for exploring the vast array of colors available to her. Rita dives in the exploration of harmonizing colors, fabrics, and human faces in unique and captivating ways.

She cherishes the fact that each embroidery piece is inherently distinctive and nearly impossible to replicate, as no stitch is the same.