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by Akash Bhoya


Art is the artist’s personalized perception of the world and worldly things.

Elaboration of art practice

In my art I abridge the natural form of objects. Its creation relies on my observation of the body to its physical attributes. At times my work is spontaneous. Fortunes-and-accidents at work and the unintentional undertakings including the change in my conception at the last moment also tend to influence my work. My work begins with a specific image in mind which ultimately culminates into the creation of a totally opposite form. My working style has been a process of sketching, collecting objects and making models. All of my artworks are more of the result of observation and analysis of objects around us. They are represented in a simplified manner, giving it my own visual touch. I have tried to make figures more interesting by giving them unusual and intriguing postures. The metal figures are combined with stone pedestals. I believe them to be a combination of a human and an object. In this way, I start each work with an idea and eventually end at a very different state. I enjoy the process and let it free or the box of rigidity.