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Evolution of Spirit

by Gold Eye Serpentine (Linda Montanez)
Evolution of Spirit
“Evolution of Spirit” refers to the cycle of new adaptations our spirits take on. As a collection of light progressing further and further into new life in space —this is what ancient culture speaks of; seeing only a pixel-scale image of our ‘gods’ beyond our comprehension of spiritual evolution, collecting further into enlightenment.
“Portals” is a collaboration piece made with 3DHF, who is a 3D printing artist. With the modern world experiencing climate change in real time, we have scrapped extra pieces from past printing projects and contributed them to “Portals”.
“Portals” is a plaster and 3D printing scrap creation, arranged together to symbolize organic technology and the natural cycle of death, life, and rebirth. Each oblong shape represents a different life that your spirit has taken you on. Though you may pass through and end one life, another awaits you to experience and discover your higher self.


Gold Eye Serpentine (Linda Montañez) is a Hmong Latinx, avant-garde artist residing in Chicago, IL.

There are many incorporations of their art styles in their work. from traditional mixed mediums to ceremonial practices. The process of each original art piece is used in a ceremonial or performative practice while being made with traditional art mediums, as part of the art itself.

Every piece is heavily influenced by indigenous culture, modern social issues, duality, and spirituality. The art also intertwines personal supernatural experiences and dreams that the artist visually expresses through their pieces.