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Emerge Collection

by Rechel Oppong


Rechel Rodham Oppong was born and raised in Accra,Ghana in 1999. She’s a self-taught artist specialized in Portrait painting and works with Acrylic medium. Her first experience as an artist was in 2017. She’s influenced by Visual artist Frida Kahlo, women and children. Her key theme is the various facial expression that define a human character. She studied Art Design at the Belgorod state technological university in Belgorod, Russia. She had a group exhibit with keteke art and craft in 2018 in Accra. Her goal is to create art that creates an emotional connection with the viewer. She currently lives and works in Accra, Ghana.


Taking a look at my works gives you a moment to feel the happiness, anger, sadness, fear and bliss seen in a single expression. My work explores the expressions we see and use in our day to day lives. 

I work primarily in acrylic medium.  My subject matter is centered on the various facial expressions that define a human character and how it’s interpreted by others. Growing up I’ve always being fascinated by how the human face carries soo much emotion. A lot can be said without uttering a word just by the curve of the lips or the crease of the eyes. I am mainly inspired by Women and children. Women are known to be very expressive and emotional therefore it having a big impact on what I tend to create. My first portrait was of a young girl I’d seen and instantly felt a connection with through her eyes. She looked sad but you could see the sparkle in her eyes. 

I tend to use very bright colours in my paintings to portray my subjects.  I am drawn to shapes and lines and they’re always incorporated in my paintings. My creation process is very deliberate, I plan out my works, make sketches, take notes and plot out the sequence of events. It doesn’t always pan out as planned but sometimes the flaws are better left as it is. 

As an artist I work hard to create paintings that speak to me and others about the beauty that exists in the people around us.  My goal is create paintings that connects with the audience emotionally. If for a moment my work is viewed and reflected on then I can say I’ve succeeded.