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A World Within

by Claudia Dorey
Facial Illusion, 48 x 36″
Sensors in all corners
I see you
I feel you
I will not judge you
I might not share the same opinions as you
The least I can do is respect you
I want to be all
I don’t want to be caged
At times I am impatient
Others too patient
That does not make me one or the other
Why do humans feel the need to identify to one thing
It doesn’t always have to be black or white
It’s about circumstances
Red, 24 x 24″
A colour of passion
A wandering mind in the deps of love
An untouchable thrill
that can not sit still
It’s contemplating
Whether or not the suffering is worth the pleasure.
That is actually the true beauty of it all
Being challenged to introspect
To admit our faults and simply forgive
To allow someone to be so close yet miles away.
More – The prize we are conditioned to seek
The unreachable, an infinite cycle
The crazy love stories from the movies
The ones that are based on intensity and toxic dependancy.
But somehow both characters always end up happy.
To love another,
We must respect ourselves enough to listen to our boundries
Appreciate our own company.
If not, we’ll be pulling each others souls,
ripping each others positive outlook on life.
All for the simple ideal, that was sold to us in the movies:
« Deciding to stop somethings is giving up. Failing».
Sometimes it’s simply self-care,
realising that most relationships in our life will come and go
but each will cause growth.
Crossing paths with people for years
that are now strangers,
unknown identities.
A distant but joyful memory.
Departures don’t always need to lead to emptiness.
The Orange Factory, 48 x 36″, 2022
I like when things are concrete
Straight lines
But my mind plays tricks on me
Boucing from theme to theme
Creating scribbles in the sky
Somehow I get by
I am my own distraction
But my greatest determination
I am  a constant production of thought
But my production can’t be bought
Where All Is Real, 24 x 30″
We are taught to restrain our thoughts to a tunnel
That everything else is marginal.
We keep the narrative that children are innocent
When in fact we adults are ignorant.
In a world based on infinity
Our thoughts are the limits to reality.
Every imaginable situation
Lives somewhere.
We must stop confusing earths rules as universal.
Humans can fly
I like to believe that somewhere that is a fact.
Purple Skeleton, 24 x 36″, 2022 Denial is easy to come by It is misleading, vicious It is a slithering snake that sneaks up on you For its pain is inevitable It must be embraced A life with a purple skeleton in the closet One you must see and feel for it to go away


I orbit around art. It is a way for me to express my emotions and thoughts. This type of introspection has allowed me to merge serenity and vulnerability together.

At the age of fourteen I became ill. I could no longer turn to sports as a coping mechanism. Lost, I started painting, not knowing it would become one of my greatest passions. The suffering almost felt tolerable when I had my brush in hand. It transformed my fear of communicating into a painted voice.

Art has helped me improve my health immensely and has given me a sense of direction, a purpose. I would not be living this life if I hadn’t found this incredible way of sharing my internal aches.

My style does not consist of a technique, it consists of a work method. My imagination leads every time. I do not predetermine what I will create. I follow the journey along the way.

For me, art is a way for my subconscious to communicate with my consciousness. I analyze my paintings after the whole creation process is over. This allows me to develop a better understanding of what my body is trying to convey.

Painting is one of the only ways I allow my body to speak to my thoughts, instead of the opposite.