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A Schrödinger’s cat

by Lariab Ahmad
Gharara aur Khota Origins of a Multiverse
Who Suffered their Promises


Lariab Ahmad is an acclaimed visual artist and published writer concurrently working in the field of art community development and strategy. She was awarded distinction for her BFA Thesis Show by National College of Arts in 2019. Taking from Science, Art and Philosophy, Lariab’s research focuses on existence in seamless continuums of time and space.

Lariab has shown nationally and internationally including Islamabad Art Festival 2019 and Festival de Colantes Brazil 2022. She has been featured by magazines and initiatives in the UK, Italy and Iran, Sri Lanka, India and USA. Her works are also on permanent displays at Atorre Casa Cultural (Brazil) and Institute of Inece Ortaokulu (Turkey). Additionally, Lariab’s literary pieces have been published by houses/platforms including Piknik Press in Los Angeles.

With a new found appreciation for clean air, Lariab is currently working and residing in a city at the south of Himalayan foothills in Pakistan.


Lariab’s research focuses on existence in seamless continuums of time and space guided by osmosis between science, art, faith and philosophy. The primary inspiration from dreams extends into an investigation of common phenomena including but not limited to Beauty, Perfection, Justice, Health, Control and Goodness. We (individually and collectively) can participate, in varying degrees, and it may make sense in moments but they don’t fully exist when observing the bigger picture(s) – In mortality, uncertainty is inevitable. We can never know anything completely because we have never been acquainted with something that’s full. This absence of fullness tells us that the presence of any phenomenon in the world(s) is a consequence of our efforts at understanding it, not executing it – an inquiry is an explanation. Playing in the arena of time and space with no apparent boundaries, Lariab breaks the form of ordinary to allow a mind and heart to travel; she is a process that doesn’t exactly resolve into one reality over the other, but switches and overlaps between many – A paradox; she is the observer and the subject, the answer and the question.